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Get This Drip Off the Airwaves, Please!

Are you as fed up with hearing Lisa Schomp’s voice on the radio as I am? Lisa Schomp is Colorado’s resident radio ad drip for selling cars. What IS it with auto dealership owners in that they feel they must yak endlessly in their radio and TV ads? Thank goodness Lisa Schomp apparently doesn’t have any TV ads going, because she doesn’t look any better than she sounds.

Denver Woman Magazine ran an article about Lisa Schomp some years ago, and the first thing I noticed was how worn down, haggard and tired she looked. Obviously, Lisa Schomp was working too many hours at keeping her father’s auto dealership running, Ralph Schomp Automotive. One of the late Ralph Schomp’s six daughters, Lisa regularly pitches the auto dealership on radio ads.

Her voice is annoying; she’s long-winded, and the ads run way past their welcome. In fact, several years ago, one ad had Lisa Schomp commenting about how she received a letter from someone complaining about her ads. She said that the person called her “The Female Dealin’ Doug.” Lisa Schomp then followed that up with, “Now THAT hurt.”

And it should have, because Dealin’ Doug is the most obnoxious auto dealership pitchman in the universe, hijacking TV time during the morning, afternoon and late night hours with the most idiotic commercials you can imagine. Since Lisa Schomp was called the female Dealin’ Doug, she should have taken this seriously instead of making a joke about it in one of her radio ads.

The photo of Lisa Schomp in the Denver Woman Magazine article showed a woman who needed a new hairstylist; or, at least, a new comb and brush; her hair appeared completely unprepared for a photo shoot. She had dark circles under her eyes. She looked like a very fatigued workaholic. She is owner/president of Ralph Schomp Automotive, and she does not have a desirable radio voice.

Why is it that these auto dealership owners feel THEY must be the pitch people for their ads? Why can’t they hire someone who’s easy on the ears and eyes? Obviously, it comes down to ego: way too much of it.

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Get This Drip Off the Airwaves, Please!
Get This Drip Off the Airwaves, Please!

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