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General Motors Latest Commercial

Putting Whose Money Where?Ed Whitacre, Jr., the new chairman of GM and former CEO of AT&T has a new commercial out for GM. Typically I flip right through commercials, but with all the bail out concerns of late, I decided to watch and see what “new” ideas GM would push to help their cause. The new idea is likely a bad one.

GM’s latest strategy is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, which could equate to 60 days of free car rental. The idea may, at first, seem to be a ‘confidence builder’ commercial, but is GM in a position to offer money (they don’t have) back for any reason? I’m not sure if the new chairman got the memo, but the U.S. tax payer bailed out GM. I’m also not sure if the chairman’s statement is appropriate in the commercial: “We’re putting our money where our mouth is.” Wouldn’t “We’re putting your money where our mouth is,” be more appropriate? This would be funny if it wasn’t true. The fact of the matter is, it is our money and should GM bet that consumers will love GM vehicles and not return it? Who knows what happens with these returned vehicles; a new car takes a big hit in value just by driving off the lot the first time. Is GM capable of taking those hits?

If I was the chairman (I wouldn’t want that headache), I would have pushed value, and a big thank you to Americans in the commercial. Tell us you got the memo, and because of “our” help, GM is committed to providing us with a quality vehicle. It probably wouldn’t hurt to also make mention that because of us; GM has the opportunity to improve their ways and is committed to doing so. Instead of ignoring the past, own up to past mistakes and talk about making improvements. Americans get it, and is a forgiving country, but you have to own up to it and make changes. I’m afraid that simply ignoring the past will not benefit GM and it won’t be long until they are back in D.C asking for one more crack at it with our money.

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General Motors Latest Commercial
General Motors Latest Commercial

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American Coverage Rates in USA

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