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Four Ways to Increase Your Car’s Horsepower

Increasing horsepower is largely about increasing air flow. Think of your engine operation as a continuous circle: air flows in, mixes with gas, sparks in the combustion chambers that power the engine, then flows back out through the exhaust. Anything that makes that air flow more freely helps that circle spin faster and more efficiently. You gain horsepower, and waste less gas.

Increase Horsepower: Exhaust

Opening up the exhaust means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to push exhaust out of the system. Increase the diameter of your exhaust, or opt for a dual exhaust. Flowmaster also has low-restriction mufflers that increase air flow through the exhaust, as well as pushing some of that air right back into the engine cycle.

Replace the exhaust manifold with headers from JEGS. The pipes are formed to reduce restrictions and increase air flow out of the exhaust.Any opening of the exhaust will change the sound of your car, which is why muscle cars have that distinctive rumble.

Increase Horsepower: Air Induction

Air induction is the air flow into the engine. Increase the air flow and you’ll increase horsepower. Start with low-restriction air filters from K&N. Their standard filter promises a 1-4 horsepower gain. Upgrade to a high performance aluminum tubing intake system, and that jumps to a 7 horsepower gain.

Another way to reduce restriction of air flow is by increasing the size of the throttle body (for fuel-injected cars). JEGS also carries a flow booster, which directs air towards the throttle body and promises to give you another 7 horsepower. For carbureted cars, go for a larger carburetor. Performance carburetors offers expert advice on which parts you’ll need.

Increase Horsepower: Ignition

Another way to increase horsepower is to boost spark. A bigger spark means more gas gets burned in the combustion chamber, for a bigger push. This also means less gas is wasted and pushed out through the exhaust. Try out higher capacity ignition coils from Summit, and high performance (low resistance) spark plugs from NGK.

Increase Horsepower: Reduce Engine Drain.

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Four Ways to Increase Your Car’s Horsepower
Four Ways to Increase Your Car’s Horsepower

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