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Ford Ranger Pickup Review

In July 2002, my mother bought a Ford Ranger from my brother-in-law which he had purchased used in January 2001. The truck had about 25,000 miles when she got it. In the years since, she has moved from Tennessee to Arizona and back in it, made probably 20-30 trips between Tennessee and Texas in it, and driven innumerable times between northern Alabama and middle Tennessee, all in addition to the 70 miles a day she has spent driving to work for the last 5 years.At present, her vehicle has around 250,000 miles on it. Quite clearly, that truck has seen some wear and tear in 7 years which most other automobiles don’t go through in a lifetime. To date, she has had to replace a brake sensor, a speedometer sensor, the clutch (just over a year ago), the cd player has gone out and the throttle positioning sensor also failed. That’s it for things damaged by ordinary use. A few other parts also were replaced, but all were damaged (or lost) by outside occurrences - they did not fail on their own. Her Ford truck was still on factory brakes that were still technically thick enough not to need replacing after more than 200,000 miles. The Ranger will need the factory shocks replaced soon and a new airbag sensor also, but after all the use, still does not burn oil and runs smoothly.She gets 25-30 miles to the gallon in the Ford Ranger pick-up, which is awfully good for a truck. The Ranger does have a camper top, but what affect that may have on the gas mileage is undetermined. The topper probably cuts down on wind resistance, but then again, it also adds weight, so its impact may be negligible. Aside from that, she has made no alterations to the vehicle. The bed is good size for carrying small to medium-sized furniture, and the cab can fit 3 medium-sized people with relative ease, if necessary. The interior is spacious and the seats remain comfortable, even 10 years out of the factory.

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Ford Ranger Pickup Review
Ford Ranger Pickup Review

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