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Fiberglass Boat Floor Repair Made Easy

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert. Although It’ll Look like You Are!Do you love fishing? Boating? Being out on the lake in the sunshine, enjoying the day? Relaxing, soaking up the sun, and feeling water tickling your toes, inside the boat? Wait a minute, that’s not supposed to be happening! But, as luck would have it, you have a leak. But, you know what, it is quite easy for you to repair that leak, and be back out on that lake in no time. And the only water tickling your toes will be when you stick them in the lake! Off the side of your nicely repaired fiberglass boat floor, thank you very much!

Just follow these instructions and you’ll look like a pro! Here’s what you need to get started:

A fiberglass mat, fiberglass gel coating, Bondo, supports (if you have a curved piece), some sandpaper (from 400 grit up to very fine grit), and cleaning agents. The tools you’ll need are an orbit sander, a scraper, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a jigsaw (or coping saw), and some cleaning supplies. Now you’re all set to fix that fiberglass boat floor!

The easiest way to repair a fiberglass boat floor is from the back side of the floor. However, it’s not always feasible to do it this way. But, if you’re lucky and can get to the back side, move all obstacles out of your way and tackle this project!

A smooth edge is always easier to repair. Unless the area is structural, remove the fiberglass area where the leak is. This will ensure a nice surface and make the job a lot easier.

In order for fiberglass adhesive (epoxy) to hold securely, the area must be scrubbed thoroughly. Just don’t use bleach! Bleach and the adhesive don’t make a good combination. Make sure the area is free of any moisture before applying epoxy. If you’re working on a curved area, you’ll need some supports, made from plywood.

Start by creating a coarse surface on the area you’re working on. A wire bristled brush should work quite nicely, or steel wool. This makes the adhesive stick better. Now, you’re ready to cut out a section of the sheet fiberglass. Cut this piece so that it is about three inches larger in size, on all sides, than the damaged area.

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Fiberglass Boat Floor Repair Made Easy
Fiberglass Boat Floor Repair Made Easy

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