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Ferrari Temporary Massa Replacement

Giancarlo FisichellaIt seems that last weekend’s pole position and second-place finish for Force India’s Giancarlo Fisichella has put him in good standing with the team he’s always longed to drive for. While rumors have been floating around that Ferrari was seeking a replacement for Felipe Massa’s stand-in, team test driver Luca Badoer, it’s been confirmed today that Fisichella will be that replacement. Fisichella has also been signed as a Ferrari reserve driver for the 2010 season.

Having driven in the past two races for Ferrari as a temporary substitute for the injured Felipe Massa, Badoer was unable to provide the results that the team was looking for. Meanwhile, Fisichella’s recent success and a well-known passion for his native automaker put him in the perfect position to step in.

Although Fisichella had a contract with Force India, the team has apparently released him from it without a fight - a surprising move immediately after his stellar performance in Belgium. Perhaps there was some Ferrari palm-greasing going on or just some creative legal work, but either way we’re excited to see Giancarlo have his dream come true. You can catch him on track next week during the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, a most fitting place for the Italian driver’s Ferrari debut.

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Ferrari Temporary Massa Replacement
Ferrari Temporary Massa Replacement

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Ferrari Ins Quotes on Auto Machine

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