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Federal Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

Drivers Are Already Stupid Enough… Enough With the Cell Phones! We all are well aware of the problem of drivers using cell phones. We all have seen at least one occurrence of someone doing something stupid, or almost cause an accident while they are talking on the phone. Why is it taking so long to pass laws banning cell phone use while driving?

This is one of those topics where many are so quick to jump up and begin arguing about freedom and big government. Any time there is an issue that involves personal choices and individual rights, the subject becomes personal and passionate. It is normal to have opposing discussions about such issues. When the subject becomes one of irresponsibility of large numbers of people, causing personal harm and death of great numbers, then it is the responsibility of government to step in and set down laws and enforcement guidelines. That is why we have government, to regulate how people behave when their actions effect other people.

The quantity of automobiles on our highways has grown to such numbers that any type of irresponsibility that leads to accidents and deaths clearly shows that it is time for government to step in! This is why government has been forcing car makers to increase safety measures for years. From the early years of laws to install seat belts and making it illegal to not use them, data shows that these government regulations are needed and save lives. Cell phone use has become another one of those things that has grown to similar proportions of irresponsibility. There are many states that have stepped up and have banned usage while driving, but it is becoming obvious that many other states just are not doing their part fast enough. This is when the federal government needs to step in and just resolve the issue. The fact is that deaths are occurring and increasing and therefore the discussions must end and the laws and enforcement must begin.

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Federal Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving
Federal Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

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