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FAQ Answered Regarding Business Insurance Deals

Insurance For Business-Why You Need It And Top 10 FAQs Answered

Business Insurance is specially designed to provide essential cover in the event of claims due to loss or damage to property and injury to persons in the course of carrying out business activities. So as to protect your assets, it is important to have insurance for business, and if possible find a cheap business insurance policy but one that does not take out vital coverages.

So here are the answers for the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Business Insurance:

1. Do I need to tell my insurers everything about the business?

Your Insurers need to be aware of all the facets of your business in order to assess the risk and meet the needs and demands of your insurance requirements to ensure you are fully protected. Failure to advise your insurers of a material fact could invalidate your cover!

2. Why do I have to reveal my wage role?

Your Insurers need this information assess the size of your company and the potential liability you may have to other parties.

3. Do I have to take out landlords insurance to insure my landlord’s property?

This depends on the terms of your lease. If the landlord assumes responsibility for the insurance of the buildings you occupy then you do not need to insure these yourself. However you should ascertain exactly what the lease specifies. If for example your lease makes you responsible for the insurance of existing fixtures and fittings, shop fronts, etc., then you must insure these. You will no doubt decorate and improve the risk with your own fittings. These must also be insured as the landlord will not insure them.

4. Do I really need public liability insurance?

In this litigious age every business needs to protect itself from claims from third parties for damage to the property or for injury. The cover will protect the business from claims dealing with the legal costs and if necessary paying the damages awarded. Even defending a no win, no fee attempted claim, costs can run into thousands of pounds, which this cover will provide for.

5. I put up disclaimer signs and have people sign disclaimers so do I need liability insurance?

Unfortunately yes. Signs may dissuade some claims but in law they have very little sway. The person injured may be blind or illiterate and cannot read the signs. They may well still attempt a claim even if they have signed a waiver on the basis that they did not know what they were signing and this claim would need to be defended.

6. I only employ my family do I have to have employers’ liability?

The Employers Liability Act 1969 does exempt family members from cover but if you trade as a limited company then you are legally required to have cover as per the Act.

7. I do not have much stock so can I only insure my liabilities?

Yes of course, but in protecting your business and continuing to trade you must consider the other aspects of cover that most business insurances provide. Business interruption (loss of profits), money cover, damage to fixtures and fittings, leased equipment, etc… Under the terms of most leases you are liable for these.

8. I sell products to the public, if they cause injury due to some defect beyond my control am I insured?

Public Liability policies can include liability arising from products supplied.

9. Will my public liability policy cover claims against me for errors and omission or defective workmanship?

A public liability policy will only cover injury to the public or damage to their property caused by negligent acts. Errors or Omissions such as wrongful advice is protected by professional indemnity insurance. With regard to defective workmanship, a public liability policy is not a guarantee that you know how to carry out your trade so defective workmanship is excluded.

10. Why does my business policy restrict theft cover to theft by forcible and or violent means?

As you can imagine, if the public are allowed unlimited access to business premises such as shops, offices, hotels, etc. then theft is very easy for the opportunist thief. Some restrictions have to be imposed hence the requirement for forcible entry.

By learning these principles regarding business insurance, you can guarantee your self an affordable business insurance policy which will suit your needs.

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FAQ Answered Regarding Business Insurance Deals
FAQ Answered Regarding Business Insurance Deals

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