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Facts About F1 and F1 Cars

Formula One has been able to quench the thirst of speed lovers. It is the world’s most stylish and glamourous sports. This motor sport is also known as the richest sports.This motor racing involves the maximum level of human endurance. Here man and machine have to work in harmony to push the body and the car. Moreover, all the participants and their cars taking part in this motor sport have to follow some specified set of rules and regulations related to the engine technology, suspension system, tyres, electronics, structure, and participant’s physical fitness.The following are some interesting facts about Formula One:The first Formula-One race held on 13th May 1950 at ‘Silverstone’ Tracks in the UK. The Monza is believed to be the fastest circuit of Formula One with the highest speed record of 375 km/h. Formula One cars are powered with advanced engine technologies that give them the power to accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h and back to 0 km/h in just seven seconds. Automatic gearbox is not used in the F1 carsThe Formula One drivers burn approximately 600 kilocalories and lose about 2 kg of weight in one Grand Prix. The drivers should be strong enough to handle the increase in down force that causes the effective weight of the car to be increasedAn F1 car weight about 550 kgSmall aircrafts take off at a slower speed when compared to F1 carsThe braking power of a Formula One car is exceptionally highThe re-fuelers used in these cars have a capacity of supplying 12 L of fuel per secondThe front and rear wings of these racing cars can deliver a decent amount of down forceThe tyre tread temperature has to reach about 900 to 1200degree celcius to deliver peak performanceMike Thackwell from New Zealand is the youngest starter who started racing at an age of 19 yearsEmerson Fittipaldi of Brazil at the age of 25 is the youngest Formula One driverMichael Schumacher has won seven consecutive titles in the world championship of F1 racing

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Facts About F1 and F1 Cars
Facts About F1 and F1 Cars

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