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Engine Displacement Downsizing

Where’s the fuel-economy gain?

What’s a “donkey show”? It’s what your fraternity brothers claim they witnessed one drunken night in Tijuana. Fact is, we’re not buying it.

Just like those Snuggie backward robes, engine downsizing may sound ideal. Reduce displacement while adding a turbo or two and direct injection to put power and torque on par with - or above - ratings of larger, naturally aspirated engines. Manufacturers then make dramatic claims such as: “the power of a V-8 with the fuel economy of a V-6.” This is where the “donkey show” comes in, because after numerous tests of vehicles so equipped (see below), we have yet to uncover a compelling real-world fuel-economy payoff. Ford is the latest suspect, spewing much hype regarding its version of this technology, called EcoBoost, which will be available in the 2010 Flex and Lincoln MKS and MKT. We’re easily amused, but the irony of the “Eco” label attached to the heaviest, most powerful, and costliest versions of each of those model lines makes us snicker. Ford promises no worse fuel-economy ratings than the current unboosted V-6 versions. We’ll see.
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Engine Displacement Downsizing
Engine Displacement Downsizing

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Mazda Cars Assurance Coverages

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