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Electric Cars: The Eco-Friendly Vehicle

For those of you planning to buy a car, there is good news. You can check out for electric cars which are so much in the news every day. These cars are known to create lesser pollution than cars powered by gasoline. Therefore they are definitely a more environmentally friendly option. This is important particularly in cities. Article about hybrid cars also include information about electric cars. These cars are the ones powered by fuel cells. They are also powered by electric engine and not a gasoline engine. From the outside it is difficult to make out whether the car is an electric one or not.

The best part of the electric cars is that it is silent when it runs thus, minimizing the effects of sound pollution. This is chiefly so because it is run by gasoline. A controller operated electric motor is the prime requirement of such cars. It is the heart of the matter. Batteries that can be re charged are used to supply power. The gasoline engine with all its coolant hoses, exhaust pipes, has the look of a plumbing project whereas an electric car looks like a wiring one. An electric engine and fuel cells are responsible for the running of the electric cars. The two cars are a world apart.

It is interesting to learn how an electric car functions. The DC controller is in charge of everything. It is linked with the batteries as well as to the DC motor. When the driver presses the accelerator, then the motor gets full 96 volts travelling from the batteries to the motor. When the car has to stop the driver has taken his foot off the controller and has stopped pressing the accelerator simultaneously. The controller will now deliver zero volts to the motor. In the meantime while driving the controller can create average voltage between 0-96 by nibbling at 96 volts a thousand times.

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Electric Cars: The Eco-Friendly Vehicle
Electric Cars: The Eco-Friendly Vehicle

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