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E Box Car - a Green Car with a Difference

Introducing the eBox eco-friendly concept car, the car truly of the future. This ecological car featuring high technological advancements that keeps giving not just to the environment but also to the energy board is hitting the street this year. Testing out this concept car is place seen to be the official greenest state or so it seems in America also known as California. The car shaped literally like a neat and compact box is full of green perks to make the process of driving green made easier for you. This car has a battery plug-in electric conversion of a (Toyota) Scion xB that provides an acceleration of 0-60mph in less than 7 seconds. Propelled by a 120kW AC Propulsion drivetrain the eBox car reaching speeds of up to 90mph making this car another good eco-friendly car option to consider for the future.

The very box shape may turn off those seeking a more futuristic or racer look. However, for those looking to make an even greater difference to the environment this car is the one watch. The eBox averages 140-180 mile on a Lithium Ion battery pack. The battery pack is comprised of 5,300 18650 Li-Ion cells. The brilliance of this car is in its ability to recycle its own energy usage. The recycled energy does not go to waste. Instead, it too is utilized when it is sent back to the energy board redistribution. The eBox is working alongside respectable ecology car makers like Tesla (Roadster) and BMW (Mini E). The very popular Tesla Roadster car is an electric car with the racer body and sleeks look that simply do not apply to the eBox. Not yet anyway. Where the eBox may lack in overall exterior looks it more than makes up for interior conveniences.

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E Box Car - a Green Car with a Difference
E Box Car - a Green Car with a Difference

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