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Dodge Car Premium Rates for Motor
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Dodge Challenger Coming to NASCAR

Pony cars seem headed for the Nationwide Series, and it could be just the thing to excite NASCAR’s fan base.

During NASCAR’s annual media tour in Charlotte last January, Penske Dodge Charger driver Kurt Busch said he was looking forward to the new season, which, he hoped, would be better than Dodge’s grim 2008 campaign. One reason concerned some new bits and pieces that NASCAR was allowing to be introduced throughout the 2009 season, including a new engine that is just now debuting mid-season.

Just as important, according to Busch, was that the Dodge Charger got a new, more aerodynamic nose piece this year, too. As an afterthought, he added, “Really, it’s the Chevrolet nose with Dodge decals on it.”

With all four participating manufacturers, even Toyota, cutting back on motorsports support this year, one of their longtime complaints seems ever more valid. That’s that the old “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” adage fades with every NASCAR body mutation that makes the various stock-car models look as androgynous as Indy cars or NHRA dragsters. No one thinks that the Chevrolet Impala Mark Martin drove to victory at last Sunday’s LifeLock 400 at Michigan International Speedway is a real Chevrolet Impala, and the fact that the cars must be labeled in large letters on the front bumper says it all. How can you cheer for a brand, when the cars are so similar?

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Dodge Challenger Coming to NASCAR
Dodge Challenger Coming to NASCAR

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Dodge Car Premium Rates for Motor

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