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Honda Civic - More than Just an Average Small Car

With the volatile fuel prices we face today in a struggling economy, Honda Civic comes on the scene with its modest fuel requirements to provide good looking and comfortable compact transportation. It is living up to its reputation as a reliable, yet economical car that has a respectable repair history and a name for retaining its resale value.

In the 2009 model year Honda Civic the customer will find a modified front end, with the very positive addition of standard Vehicle Stability Assist. On the EX and EX-L trims there is a 60/40 split rear folding seat. Other new trims that bear the name of Civic are the DX-VP and the LX-S. Choosing a favorite Civic may be a challenge. There is the four-door sedan as well as the two-door coupe. The performance oriented customer will like the Civic Si, and for environmentally and economically conscious car buyers Honda Civic has produced a hybrid. Honda Civic is proud of its reputation as the standard to measure all compact cars by. The Honda Civic looks feels and drives like a much more expensive car.

With all of its advantages, the Honda Civic gets its best rating for safety. With many standard and optional safety features, the Civic sedan and coupe both receive a five star rating in the Federal Government’s impact tests as well as four stars for its rollover protection. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concurs. That could have something to do with the six standard air bags and the active head restraints in all Civics and the Vehicle Safety Assist available in some models.

With the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price starting in the neighborhood of $15,000, the standard five speed manual transmission Honda Civic gets a respectable average of 29 miles per gallon. The automatic that is available gets the same average fuel mileage of city and highway driving combined.

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Honda Civic - More than Just an Average Small Car
Honda Civic - More than Just an Average Small Car

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