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Create Your Own Car Voltage Stabilizer

A voltage stabilizer is a device within an electrical system that is responsible for supplying a constant voltage to the rest of the system, regardless of the amount of voltage it receives from a specific input. The stabilizer acts as a filter between the power source and the rest of the devices in the electrical system. By regulating the amount of voltage received from a power source, the stabilizer ensures that all devices in an electrical system receive the proper amount of voltage regardless of surges and drops. As a result, the devices are less likely to be damaged, will function better, and will last longer.

One practical application of a voltage stabilizer is the one in your car. The voltage stabilizer in your car filters and stores extra current to help protect and preserve all of the electronics in your car. It also keeps the electronics functioning at the optimal level. All cars have voltage stabilizers for their electrical systems. However, if you have been adding aftermarket electronics to your car such as stereo, entertainment and GPS systems, the original voltage stabilizer may not be enough to do the trick anymore.

In this case, you could really benefit from an extra voltage stabilizer for your car. Even though stabilizers are available at your local parts store, it’s never a bad idea to entertain the idea that you may be on a budget or completely tapped out from the new car accessories that prompted the new stabilizer in the first place. If you’re one of those people who are looking to save a buck for any reason, you can always build your own car voltage stabilizer. Here’s how:

1. Gather your supplies.

The best way to buy supplies for a car stabilizer is to buy a DIY (do it yourself) kit from a hobby store. It will contain the diagram and all of the parts you need for building your car voltage stabilizer. However, if you are comfortable with electronics, try browsing the internet for a diagram you like. Then, in lieu of a DIY Kit, you will need the following items:

- A soldering iron
- A plastic enclosure
- A fuse
- A fuse holder
- Ring terminals
- 16V ceramic and electrolytic capacitors
- Wires
- A PCB board

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Create Your Own Car Voltage Stabilizer
Create Your Own Car Voltage Stabilizer

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