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Acura ZDX Insurance Rate

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So here’s the ZDX, and what are we supposed to think? Acura wants us to think sports sedan, and maybe some beholders will do just that.

What we really have here is an Acura MDX deprived of some of its rear seat headroom and a lot of its rear cargo space, looking like some kind of inflatable left on the compressor a little too long.

This is big iron and it feels big. The chassis engineers have done a good job of managing the mass - brisk direction changes, and it feels tied down, not much body roll. The steering is a little secretive about what’s going on: the driver gives some input and waits to see what happens. Still, in general, the ZDX feels taut and poised, ready to rock and roll - but there’s always an asterisk: agile, for something in this size class.

That’s that big reservation. There are also a couple small ones - no rear window wiper, and that bifurcated backlite is annoying when it’s not actually interfering with vision. On the other hand, the ZDX is handsome inside, top quality, great looking IP, very uptown. But like the BMW X6, it’s one of those sedan crossovers that provokes head-scratching: If this is the answer, what the hell was the question?

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Acura ZDX Insurance Rate
Acura ZDX Insurance Rate

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Acura Automotive Vehicles Finding

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