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Acura: Old NSX Insurance Policy

Acura Advanced Sports car Concept

The on-again, off-again next-generation Acura NSX sports car is pretty much off for good, at least as we have come to expect it. The low-slung, mid-engined, quasi-exotic sports car that Acura built all through the 90s and into a good part of the this millennium was expected to become a front-engine GT with extreme styling in its next iteration, but alas, due to many factors, the car has been shelved.

But according to John Watts, Acura’s senior manager of product development, the prospect of an Acura sports car is not dead. It has just been scaled down. The NSX was “too high a halo,” said Watts. “For it to be fully effective [as a halo vehicle for the brand], it couldn’t be too far removed” from Acura’s other products. In other words, it would be less expensive than the NSX - which was expected to have an MSRP approaching six figures - and probably derived from a current product platform. That’s bad news for those who got attached to the concept of a Honda-built exotic sports car, good news for Nissan, whose GT-R won’t be facing a Honda-built rival any time soon. We are intrigued, however, by what kind of sports car Honda can build in the $50K-$60K range.

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Acura: Old NSX Insurance Policy
Acura: Old NSX Insurance Policy

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Acura Automotive Vehicles Finding

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