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Looking for cheap convicted driver auto insurance policy? We help to insure a car for automobile drivers with convictions who was convicted and banned by auto insurance companies. Low cost convicted drivers auto insurance quotes and high risk convicted and banned driver auto policies. Auto insurance drivers with convictions in the United States of America and convicted drivers in NYC. Agency comparison of convictions cheap auto insurance for motorists from third party insurers. Auto Insurance Drivers with Convictions
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How to be insured? Auto insurance drivers with convictions and convicted drivers

Convictions Cheap Auto Insurance and Auto Insurance Drivers with Convictions

If you are searching for a cheap auto insurance for convicted drivers, you will probably have come across the question “Have you had any convictions in the last five years?” All auto insurance companies will ask this because it can have an effect on the level of risk you present. Someone with even just one speeding conviction is more likely to have an automobile accident and need to call on their cheap auto insurance provider to pay for repairs and other costs than someone with no convictions at all. To be specific, research by online auto insurance company Esure on its own customers revealed that a single speeding conviction puts up the chance of a automobile claim within a year by 12%.

If you have been convicted of any driving offence, whether it is drink driving or speeding, you are very likely to see an increase in your auto insurance premiums for a minimum of five years. Once five years is up, many driving convictions - including speeding - will be considered to be “spent” and will no longer have an effect on your ability to get cheap auto insurance for drivers with convictions.

Cheap auto insurance after a driving convictions

While insurins driver with conviction most auto insurance companies look at risk factors differently. One will give a greater weighting to a factor such as age or gender, whilst another will put emphasis on the type of car driven or where it is kept. Similarly, the effect that a conviction can have on a cheap auto insurance premium for convicted drivers will differ greatly between motorcycle and automobile companies. Each year at least 2 million auto drivers in the UK get convicted of driving offences, many of which were caught speeding. Since the 1992 introduction of speed cameras the number of car drivers who get convicted of speeding has risen dramatically and this group of motorists currently stands in the millions.

Some auto insurance companies are very strict about how they treat drivers with speeding convictions. These agencies will immediately stop offering cheap auto insurance for driver with convictions and drivers will see their policy rate leap up with every three points that they accumulate on their licence. Some car ins companies won’t even offer any automobile policies whatsoever to someone who has more than two driving convictions.

However, a speeding conviction doesn’t necessarily mean that a cheap auto insurance quote for convicted drivers is totally out of the question. There are some auto insurance companies that allow for the fact so many drivers have been caught just over the limit. If you have a single conviction, these insurers will usually raise your ins premium a little but not nearly as much as the car insurance companies with a strict conviction policy. There are even a few auto insurers that will distinguish between degrees of infringement, giving you different rates depending whether you have been caught 5 mph or 30 mph over the limit.

Most companies won’t look on two or more speeding convictions quite so leniently though and the chances are that cheap auto insurance quotes for drivers with convictions will be thin on the ground for some time if this is your situation. A conviction for drunk driving, on the other hand, will be treated severely by all motor insurers. The majority of cheap auto insurance companies will be very reluctant to insure drink drivers as they pose too much of a risk. A small number of companies specialise in auto insurance for convicted drivers, however, and although this won’t be cheap, your car will at least be insured.

Remember: you must declare driving convictions

If you have a car driving conviction and you are thinking that it would just be easier not to declare it when signing up to a new auto insurance policy, don’t go down this road. You have a duty to declare your convictions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. If you fail to do this, you will not be insured even if you pay for a auto insurer’s policy, making it rather pointless to lie about your driving conviction.

Normally, you will not need to give details of any spent convictions when you are filling out an auto insurance quote form in a ins company. However, some companies may word a question in such a way that you have to give details of all convictions, spent or not, and it will again invalidate your cheap auto insurance policy for convicted drivers if you fail to release this information. Whether you have motoring convictions or your licence is clean, why not get a cheap auto insurance quote for driver with convictions and see just how inexpensive the policies may be?

Way to cheap auto insurance for convicted driver

As we are not online auto insurance company, we are able to analyze the really cheap auto insurance. We don’t pump millions of pounds into advertising, as many auto insurance companies do, nor do we have a huge, expensive-to-run call centre. Instead, most of our customers find us either through searching online or via word of mouth and get their cheap auto insurance quotes online.

We transform our savings into really low cost automobile premiums for convicted drivers, meaning that our quotes are a lot cheaper than many other so-called cheap auto insurers around. It is incredibly quick and easy to get a auto insurance for drivers with convictions because we have designed our online quotation system to be incredibly straightforward to use. Finding out just how cheap auto insurance is with us shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes from start to finish, so why not give it a go?

"How to find cheap auto insurance rate?"

Some customers may ask: "Where to find low cost vehicle ins deals in Wichita?" or "Where can I get discount motor insurance premiums for insured driver?". The answer is simple: look at the theme "Convictions Cheap Auto Insurance" about convicted drivers and learn the advices from the best motor insurer's adjusters.

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