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Clay Bar Your Car

In a previous article I expounded on the virtues of waxing a car (or any vehicle) religiously. It is so imperative to do so that I am willing to assure you that proper waxing will not only help keep your car looking new it is bound to significantly preserve resale value, perhaps by thousands of dollars. Ask a car dealer or used car salesman if you don’t believe me.

What Does it Mean?

Here, I will discuss what it means to clay bar a car. A clay bar is a soft, waxy and mildly abrasive substance that is used to lift ground in dirt, particles and foreign matter trapped in the car’s body paint. Several companies that make car wash and wax also sell clay bars.

So What?

If your automobile has not been waxed in over a year or if you have had two or more years of washing and waxing (more or less depending on climate and storage of car) then it may be time to treat your car to a thorough clay bar routine. The best way to diagnose if your car needs this procedure is to wash and dry your car first. Then run your hands over a portion of the paint, such as the hood or roof. If the surface feels anything like sandpaper of any grit, now is the time. It is better to not wait and let the paint get any worse.

How to Clay Bar

Buying a clay bar kit is a great way to get started. You get a few clay bars, some detailing spray, and probably a rag that you can use to wipe off the detailing liquid. The liquid is used as a lubricant between the clay and the paint to prevent too much damage. Keep in mind that clay bars are abrasive products and should be used with care to prevent unneeded lifting. By employing the method of spray, rub, and wipe you will complete a process similar to waxing that will remove surface imperfections including some light scratches (depending on the depth, you may opt to use some polishing compound as well).

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Clay Bar Your Car
Clay Bar Your Car

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