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Chrysler Reneges on Product-Liability Renege


When it emerged from bankruptcy earlier of this year, Chrysler absolved itself of any responsibility for product-liability claims filed for vehicles it had produced up to that point. That meant that buyers that might be injured by the millions of Chrysler vehicles already on the road had no legal recourse against the company. Your Sebring spontaneously combusted and burned your house down? Sorry, if it was built before Chrysler went bankrupt, you were S.O.L.

Although technically still the same people designing, engineering, and building the same vehicles in the same facilities, Chrysler After Bankruptcy (Chrysler A.B., officially named Chrysler Group LLC) is a completely different company than it was Before Bankruptcy (Chrysler B.B., which is now actually called OldCarco LLC), and therefore under no legal obligation to honor product-liability claims.

Chrysler A.B., however, realizing that the way to cultivate consumer confidence is not to deny responsibility for your products - and likely reacting to the fact that General Motors is taking responsibility for its past products - is now changing its decision on vehicles produced by Chrysler B.B. In a letter sent to Congress today, Chrysler said that it will honor product-liability claims for vehicles it produced prior to its emergence from bankruptcy on June 10, 2009, provided the incident occurs after that date. What? Your Sebring actually did spontaneously combust and burn your house down? It happened on June 9, 2009? You’ll have to take it up with Chrysler B.B.

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Chrysler Reneges on Product-Liability Renege
Chrysler Reneges on Product-Liability Renege

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Chrysler Motor Policy for Automobile

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