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Choosing a Real Estate Agent? Read This First!

When you want to sell your home, and have decided to enlist a real estate professional to help you, there are a few things you should know about your agent before signing the binding agreement.Experience is one factor but there is more to selling a home than finding an agent with years on the job.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent? Read This First!

Bear in mind that some listing agents will place your listing on the MLS and then just wait for the phone to ring from the agent who has a possible buyer and not do anything else but that.

How many properties has you agent sold? Was he/she the sellers agent, or the buyers agent? How many properties were sold at, or near, the asking price when agent acted as sellers agent? That is an important question. Some agents will prompt you to reduce the price substantially when negotiating with the buyer. That can mean you lose a lot of money, but it is a quick sale and fast commissions for the agent.

Not everyone is good at negotiating or asking for things.In a transaction involving a large sum of money such as your house, would you not have an agent that have the skill and know how to negotiate the best deal for you?

What will the agent do for you besides placing the listing on the MLS? Where else will there be ads? Will there be open houses where people can come and see the property?

The availability of your agent is yet another important consideration. Will he/she be available during evenings and weekends? How long before they respond to a call from you or a potential buyer? When negotiations are underway and there are time limits in the contract, having an unresponsive agent can sink your deal.

The personality of your agent is important as well. Is he/she upbeat and easy to talk with? Is she enthusiastic and optimistic? Is she interested in putting in some effort to get this deal completed? Or is she pessimistic, cautious and unmotivated

Don’t rush selecting your agent. You will be working with this person for many months, and canceling a contract may be difficult and or, costly. Take the time to know you have chosen a competent, positive agent that you will like working with.

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Choosing a Real Estate Agent? Read This First!
Choosing a Real Estate Agent? Read This First!

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