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Chevrolet Volt, Will GM Sink or Swim?

Chevy Volt, Will GM Sink Or Swim? General Motors holds a special place in my heart and always will. It is an iconic car company for America that is absolutely dear to me when I think of cars. Growing up every car my family ever owned was a Chevrolet. My first car was a Chevrolet as well as every other car I’ve ever owned. Seeing GM go bankrupt was like hearing a family member got diagnosed with a terminal illness. I sat around and thought of the prospect of never seeing a new GM car again. Never seeing another new Corvette drive down the street truly is a depressing thought for someone who loves GM and American cars in general. America truly is in an economic downward spiral when it faces the possibility of losing one of its flagship automobile manufacturers. GM is as American as apple pie.Just like a family member on life support that suddenly starts to show improvement, comes the Chevrolet Volt. This could most definitely be the fighting chance GM needs to survive this bankruptcy and economy. In all honesty, the Chevrolet Volt shows enough promise to not only save GM from bankruptcy. But to also be a major contender against foreign automakers who offer similar hybrid automobiles that boast great gas mileage. The thing about GM is they weren’t taking any chances with the new Chevrolet Volt. It’s promising an amazing 230 miles per gallon!You may ask how is this possible when the current leaders in gas mileage aren’t even getting a fraction of the gas mileage the Chevrolet Volt is claiming. It is Chevrolet’s new technology called Extended-Range Electric Vehicle. Its new one of a kind propulsion system is unlike any electric car currently out there. It truly is a revolution in automobiles. This new technology is so promising that it is truly getting us very close to being able to drive gas free. Could you imagine not having to use gasoline at all?

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Chevrolet Volt, Will GM Sink or Swim?
Chevrolet Volt, Will GM Sink or Swim?

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Chevrolet Car Insurance Chevy Cars

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