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The difference between classic car motor cheap quotes and high perfomance automobile premium. How to cheaper your high performance motor insurance quote to affordable value? Some reasons to find cheapest motor insurance quote online and motors safety campaigns for young drivers. Car motor insurance cheap quotes in the United States of America and cheapest motor insurance quote in NYC. Local guidelines on cheap motor insurance quote for driver from damage insurers. Car Motor Insurance Cheap Quotes
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How to be insured? Car motor insurance cheap quotes and cheapest motor insurance quote

Cheap Motor Insurance Quote and Car Motor Insurance Cheap Quotes

An increasing number of drivers are buying classic motor cars, often vehicles they have lusted over in their youth but could never afford. Owning a vintage motor is only one part of the equation, however: the other important aspect is that of finding the car motor insurance cheap quotes.

Cheapest motor insurance quote for classic cars

Generally, although not always, the cost of a cheap motor insurance quote for classic automobiles is less than for a more modern vehicle. This reflects the fact that a vintage car will be better cared for, usually garaged and typically driven for fewer miles every year. However, motor premiums can still vary significantly, so here are a few tips to make sure you find the right cheap motor insurance quotes, at the right price.

Take out an agreed valuation when insuring your classic motor vehicle. This is the amount that will be paid should the car be written off or stolen. Make sure that it is guaranteed, as some insurers refuse to pay out otherwise. There may be an extra charge for this and some companies may require an independent valuation. Check whether you will be able to increase the agreed valuation each year. The value of many classic motors increases year on year and it may cost a lot more to replace next year. Don’t forget the cost of rare embellishers and accessories, which can be expensive to replace. Consider a “limited mileage” policy on your vehicle. This can often be set at anything between 1,500 and 10,000 miles. If you are close to exceeding the limit find out whether this might be adjusted upwards mid-way through the insured period.

Performance car motor insurance cheap quotes

If you own a high performance vehicle, you are likely to pay more for your motor insurance policy than with a standard car. Statistically, high performance cars are more likely to be involved in auto accidents - and cost more to repair, especially if driven by younger owners. Insurers argue that some modifications, for example lowered suspensions, can negatively affect handling. This applies to a greater or lesser degree whether the motor is kit-built, prestige, imported, modified, or simply has a powerful engine.

There are ways to cheaper your high performance motor insurance quote - if you are careful. Here are a few useful ideas how to make cheaper motor insurance quotes for high perfomance cars:
- be aware of the difference between “sports” high performance, like a Porsche or a Mercedes, and a “modded-up” car, which can cost more to insure;
- consider waiting until you are at least 30 years old. Automobile premiums will fall both as a result of your age and also because, hopefully, you will have built up a no-claims history;
- go to a specialist insurer who will have knowledge of your type of motor vehicle and suitable claims experience;
- take an advanced driving course, for example from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Cheapest motor insurance quote for young driver

Finally, a real solution to cheaper young driver premiums and better road safety - young male drivers are almost 10 times more likely to be involved in a serious motor accident than those aged 35…60 and a staggering 15 young drivers and passengers are killed each week. These are pretty sobering statistics and thanks to a new in-car gadget they may become a thing of the past.

How to get cheap car motor insurance quote and choose cheapest motor insurance quotes
How to get cheap car motor insurance quote and choose cheapest motor insurance quotes

The device made by GreenRoad is known as a Safety Motor Centre and can keep track of aggressive driving techniques, relaying that information via the web to the teens parents. The motor driver is given a safety score for each journey, which is shown to the driver via a series of coloured lights on the dashboard. A red light indicates a risky manoeuvre and three of these will make the unit show red for 20 minutes. The unit also has the ability to show driving in excess of 70 miles per hour. Motor insurers has found in a six month trial, that risky driving fell by 60% and there was a 12% reduction in fuel consumption. The drivers were offered a 20% reduction in their cheap motor insurance premiums provided their driving remained risk free. Councils around the UK have always used special campaigns to specifically target young drivers. In conjunction with insurers they have sought ways of reducing the motor accident rate while hopefully reducing the premiums that young drivers are forced to pay.

Another scheme to obtain the cheapest motor insurance quotes for young drivers is the annual “For My Girlfriend” campaign. Run each year around Valentines Day, it gives the message that passengers are often the victims of road accidents. In fact, girls of that age are more likely to die as a passenger than as a motor driver. 2009’s slogan was “Don’t hurt the one you love” and posters portraying the aftermath of a motor car accident were displayed in pubs, clubs and colleges.

While all these schemes are steps in the right direction, it does not take away the fact that young people are more likely to drive badly. The best chance we have is to mitigate the problem as much as possible. Motor safety campaigns such as those detailed above can only improve the situation for the driver and the bring the cheap motor insurance quote for young persons.

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Cheap Motor Insurance Quote
Cheap Motor Insurance Quote
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