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Powerful and Safety GuaranteeThis is the launch of the second generation, before the Toyota E Grade Single cabin, Toyota Hilux Type G is the latest variant of the pick-up double cabin with the added security features. The added security system is a dual SRS airbags and ABS brakes. Some changes put into the Toyota Hilux Type G is the field of interior, exterior, and safety.

Pick-up interior is a combination analog speedometer is equipped with 2 DIN audio optitron, six speakers, 4-spoke steering wheel, dashboard and silver. Dashboard and steering wheel designs are made equal by Toyota. To Hilux Type G, the dashboard using two colors are black and ivory. Other interior design changes are air-conditioning and CD player with analog instrument in three circles.

Appearances pick-up double cabin is also more handsome and muscular. The exterior of the Toyota Hilux is equipped with a Type G fog lamps with chrome frame and bed liner so there are no blisters when transporting goods. The back double cabin is carrying around 460mm shorter. Plus the hood scoop water to make it more macho. For tires and wheels, tires measure 15 by 255, while the palm is made of alloy wheels. There is also the addition of aluminum Footstep mounted on the right side and left side of this truck. Front suspension uses a double wishbone with stabilizer and suspense plus rear using leaf springs.

Security features provided Type G Toyota Hilux Pick-up Double Cabin is dual SRS airbags, ABS brakes, wireless door locks and immobilizer. Dual SRS air bag works to minimize the impact injury or collision happened. ABS brakes are optimal effort to prevent collisions. Wireless door lock is an additional security feature to prevent the vehicle being. Immobilizer function is to stop the engine immediately after the pick-up run by a thief.

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Toyota Hilux Type G
Toyota Hilux Type G

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Toyota Automobile Motor Insurance

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