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Change the Battery in a Motorized Power Chair

For someone who is dependent on a power chair for mobility, a sense of desperation may come over him or her if it is not working properly. Power chairs can add to a persons experience in life, allowing them to be taken almost anywhere. People use motorized chairs in their homes, while on vacations, running everyday chores and going to Dr. appointments. A battery motorizes power chairs and must be recharged after power chair is in use or once a week, which ever your manual states. There are different types of batteries that are used in power chairs, wet batteries, gel batteries and AGM or (Absorbed Glass Mat). Some batteries only last a year. If in the event the battery dies, it is imperative to know how to change it.

First off, be aware of the instruction manual and what type of battery will be needed to replace the old one. Take all safety precautions listed in the manual to ensure safety for yourself and also not to damage the power chair. If you can’t seem to find the manual, contact the manufacturer or store you purchased it from and give them the description of the power chair; make and model. They should be able to give you information on the battery and instruct you how to change it.

Most batteries on power chairs are located under the seat. Either the power chair’s seat will lift up, or the battery may be on a slide, which you can pull out from under the seat. Depending on the model and battery needed, very few may need tools to be changed out, other batteries usually just have a plug you can disconnect the battery and then reconnect the new battery. Always refer to your users manual to assist you with any questions about your power chair and the battery.

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Change the Battery in a Motorized Power Chair
Change the Battery in a Motorized Power Chair

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