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Mercedes GLK350 Quotes

Mercedes Joins the Luxury Crossover MarketAs fuel prices rise, efficiency becomes a bigger selling point, and sales of large SUVs are on the decline. The market for smaller sport-utes and crossover vehicles is still robust, though, as customers move into more economical vehicles that maintain a high level of bad-weather control and versatility. Mercedes’ GLK350 is the way to have your luxury compact crossover and your three-pointed star, too.

The GLK-Series is a comfortable step below the ML-Class on Mercedes’ SUV ladder. It’s based on the C-Class platform and is new to the U.S. for 2010. The smallest SUV yet offered by Mercedes is no cheap entry-level crossover, though. The GLK350 packs serious luxury and utility into its compact body.

The clean styling is as crisp as a tuxedo, and marks the GLK as a member of the Mercedes SUV family. The GLK combines elements of the upright G-Class with the angular C-Class, and the result is a capable-looking urban SUV. A long hood and bold two-bar Mercedes family grille give this vehicle a more assertive look than the snub-nosed ML-Class, and if the upright windshield makes it look a bit like a Subaru Forester in formal wear, that’s not an entirely bad thing. At the rear, a standard dual exhaust and stainless steel sill protector provide an upscale look. Strong character lines at the sides and a roof spoiler prevent the design from looking too boxy. It’s also functional, with integrated roof rails, short overhangs front and rear and a decent amount of ground clearance should you want to tackle an unpleasant road. Nineteen-inch wheels are standard, with optional twenties available.

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Mercedes GLK350 Quotes
Mercedes GLK350 Quotes

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