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Car Insurance Quotes Increase in Syracuse

According to the article “Syracuse car insurance quotes continue to rise” by Chris Rowe on, Syracuse, NY continues to see rates increase.  Analysts are not concerned about the increasing car insurance quotes.  This is the trend is many parts of the country.

But a different article “New York State Auto Insurance Rates Decline 20.3 Percent in 2009″ found on, paints a different picture for New York over all.  This article states that the average 6 month auto insurance rate in NY has decreased more than 20% since the start of 2009 according to

The article also goes over some other interesting facts on New York auto insurance quotes.  Men in NY pay an average auto insurance premium about 12% higher than women drivers.  NY drivers who are under the age of 19 pay 100% more than drivers 60-74.  NY auto insurance rates declined over two percentage points more than the national average which declined 18.1% since the beginning of 2009.  car insurance quotes will continue to flucuate in NY as well as the rest of the country so that is why it’s important to ensure you continue to shop around so you know you have the best deal on your premium.

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Car Insurance Quotes Increase in Syracuse
Car Insurance Quotes Increase in Syracuse

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Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

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