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BMW 335i xDrive Sedan

2010 BMW 335i xDrive sedan

BMW’s ultimate all-weather driving machine.


How do you sharpen the BMW 3-series to keep pace with the threat of the new 2010 Audi S4? You buy an M3, seeing as the supercharged Audi beat out the 335i sedan in our recent comparison test of the two. For anyone who still prefers the idea of a BMW over an Audi, but wants all-weather flexibility, the 335i xDrive is the answer. With all four tires biting at the pavement and 300 turbocharged horses on tap, the 335i xDrive is seriously capable. Although xDrive comes straight from the factory with a rearward power bias, the system can jostle power to the wheel with the most grip. While that’s good for things like snow and rain, the system also makes for gutsy launches that take full advantage of the engine’s power and torque. Though decidedly heavier than the standard 335i, the xDrive makes a strong case for itself from the first plunge of the throttle.

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BMW 335i xDrive Sedan
BMW 335i xDrive Sedan

Category BMW Auto Insurance for Car Models

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BMW Auto Insurance for Car Models

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