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BMW X1 Compact SUV Insurance

BMW has become well versed in filling market niches that consumers
might not have even considered. Such vehicles include the 5-Series
Grand Turismo, BMW’s soon to be released mini SUV, and the smallest
member of the X family - the BMW X1.

This new compact SUV comes in at 175.4 inches long, 70.8 inches wide,
and 60.8 inches tall. It is 2.8 inches shorter than a 3-Series wagon and
4.5 inches shorter than an X3. Although these dimensions might suggest

that the X1 should be based on the 1-Series, it actually rides on the
3-Series’ wagon architecture - down to the same axels, powertrains,
and all-wheel drive system.

Given the X1’s compact outer dimensions, it has a surprising amount
of interior room. The rear cargo area varies between 15 and 18 cubic
feet depending on if the sear seat is slid forward or back. It has 48 cubic
feet of space when the split-rear seats are folded flat. The front seats
and dash are customary BMW excellent!

The X1 will be powered by BMW’s widely used 3-liter inline 6 cylinder
engine making 260 hp. The 0-60 time with this engine should be in 6.8
seconds! Additionally, there could also be a 2-liter twin-turbo diesel
that might make its way to the U.S. This engine would provide good
torque characteristics and excellent fuel economy of over 40 mpg on the
highway. In Europe, the 6 cylinder engine comes only with a six-speed
automatic transmission. Although, the driver can make manual shifts
with this transmission by using buttons on the steering wheel.

The X1 has a servotronic power steering system that is tuned much
like the 3-Series. However, it is more responsive that the X3 steering.
The optional Sport package lowers the X1’s ride height by.8 of an
inch and it comes with 18 inch tires rather than the standard 17 inch
offerings. Even with the Sport package, the X1 is more comfortable
and has fewer tremors from rough pavement than the 3-Series.

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BMW X1 Compact SUV Insurance
BMW X1 Compact SUV Insurance

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