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Acura RDX Front-Wheel Drive

2010 Acura RDX

Less money, less weight, same personality.

Three years ago, the compact-luxury-SUV segment had but two entries: the BMW X3 and the Acura RDX. Now, of course, the segment has gotten rather crowded, so the time is right for the originals to get freshened. The X3 is due for a full-scale redesign soon, but the RDX is receiving a mid-cycle refresh for 2010. The RDX has always represented a strong value, and that’s the case now more than ever, as heavier and pricier entries push the limits on what people will spend for small utes. ($50K-plus for a well-optioned BMW X3 is a stretch, even for the most ardent Bimmer-philes.) To really hammer that point home, Acura presents a lighter, thriftier entry in the form of the new front-wheel-drive RDX.

Now, front-wheel drive is hardly our favorite arrangement for anything that attempts to combine luxury and sport. But at a claimed 3750 pounds (add 10 pounds or so for the Tech Package), the two-wheel-drive RDX saves roughly 200 pounds over the all-wheel-drive version - previously the only available arrangement - making it one of the lightest compact luxury SUVs around. In the process, Acura says the front-to-rear weight distribution shifts forward a bit compared with the all-wheel-drive version (59/41 versus 57/43), but fuel economy goes up by 2 mpg to 19/24 from 17/22 and the price is exactly $2000 lower, starting at $33,330 for the 2010 model year. Acura expects this to be a trade-off many will be willing to make, particularly in the Sun Belt, where all-wheel drive is seen primarily as an off-road-only thing.

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Acura RDX Front-Wheel Drive
Acura RDX Front-Wheel Drive

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