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CAPA Software: Quality System In Six Steps

Many different processes have to function together in order to get the most from your quality system. Some of those processes include Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) management, change control procedures, audits, customer complaints management, and others. CAPA is very important. There are six basic steps to describe the procedure.

CAPA Software – Your Quality System In Six Steps

The first step is the definition. When a company seeks to implement a CAPA process, they must have identified and defined a problem within their quality system. The definition phase requires clear reporting on how the problem information was gathered and documentation that explains the problem in detail. There must also be proof that the problem exists.

Step two is an appraisal. Just like many other CAPA procedures, this requires some strategic thinking. A quality personnel manager who is dealing with a CAPA case should be able to appraise a situation and find out how the problem could impact product quality, costs, safety, functionality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Once those risks and impacts have been determined, a level of seriousness will be assigned. This will be the guideline they will use to determine if immediate, remedial, or long-term corrective actions are necessary.

The third step is the discovery phase. This is only undertaken if a long-term action is required to resolve the issue. This step is called a discovery phase because an investigation is required. You must determine your goals for the CAPA action because they will act as the guidelines for whether or not the action is resolved by step six. Next, you should develop a strategy, or a set of specific instructions to determine the root of the problem.

Step four is the examination stage. This is where you should root out the problem. This is done after all the data is collected to support or refute all possible causes. You should document and organize any data you have, whether it came from the testing processes, a review of the records, service information, or anything else. The important point is to expose the fundamental source of the problem.

Step five is the action and implementation stage. Real progress starts within a company’s quality system. At this point, companies may also want to consider a CAPA software solution which will automatically track and store all CAPA related forms and records. A CAPA software solution can literally save a company days, months and even years of valuable time. Once this is done the implementation phase can occur, and the software can keep track of what has happened and who did it.

Finally, step six is closure. Closing down a CAPA investigation should only happen after all the actions have been evaluated. This must verify the completion of all the tasks and the appropriateness and effectiveness of the actions that were taken. This will also help you improve on the next iteration.

Once you?ve reviewed all this steps, you may come to the realization that a good CAPA process can really improve a company?s quality system. Not only will a streamlined, automated system save you time, but it will improve your efficiency and make you more competitive.

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CAPA Software: Quality System In Six Steps
CAPA Software: Quality System In Six Steps

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