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California Auto Insurance Fraud Increases

The province of California has seen suspected California car insurance theft and arson fraud access over the past year in conformity to The California Department of car Insurance which released news on Friday.  This was create in the article “Province Sees Rise In Suspicious car Insurance Claims” on Sacramento Biz Chronology by Kelly Johnson.

The provider recently gathered data that showed criminals may be committing also auto insurance fraud to invest in insurance cash during these hard times.  Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner stated in a facts release that fraud is on the rise.  In 2008, the California Branch of Insurance found a 25% escalation in suspected car arson fraud cases from the year before.  They too received about 200 bounteous suspected car theft fraud cases in 2008 refered to 2007.

The department receives typical referrals of suspected fraud from car insurance companies, law enforcement providers as well as consumers and Everyone case is researched to determine if it is in reality a fraud situation.  Other models of auto fraud such as inflated injuries, vandalism, and hit & run accidents have remained somewhat fixed since 2007 according to the Branch.

This increase in suspected fraud in CA may forge ahead as the recession remains.  Purchasers are feeling strapped for cash & desperate and this seems similar the only road for indefinite.  Of course, any type of fraud will end up costing you yet more in the end, comprising possible jail time.

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California Auto Insurance Fraud Increases
California Auto Insurance Fraud Increases

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CA California Auto Insurance Quotes

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