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Buying a Ford Mustang Car Insurance

In April of 2003, I went to my local Ford dealer to purchase a brand new Mustang. It was a dark shadow clear coat grey base model with a six cylinder engine. It also came equipped with the Pony package (basically I got the hood of a GT and polished rims) and the interior upgrade package. It was beautiful. I got the base model because it was about five grand cheaper than the GT. Besides, It had the GT hood, so that was good enough for me. The salesman was very helpful, pointing out many of the attributes the car posessed. When I took it off the lot, I noticed that there was one thing that the salesman failed to point out about my new ride. It wasn’t anything that was on the window sticker, but rather an intangible that came with the car. I suddenly went from being invisible when I was driving my non-descript foreign sedan, to being noticed for driving a new Mustang. I was suddenly Mustang Famous.

I first noticed this phenomenon the day after I bought the vehicle, when I saw a woman checking out either me or my new car as she drove by. I’m not that good looking, and it never happened when I drove my previous vehicle, so I chalked it up to the car. Granted, this didn’t happen as much as I would have liked, but it was happening none the less. A few days later, on a sunny spring day, I was sitting at a red light on a local highway, when a young girl in a foreign sedan pulled up next to me. She said she liked my new car, and asked if I wanted to race. Keep in mind I was 36 at the time, so I was a little old for what this twenty something girl was proposing. Not to mention, having been to traffic school for too many tickets when I was about her age cured me of my need to speed. So, I politely declined. The girl seemed to be disappointed, but she smiled as the light turned green and sped out of sight.

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Buying a Ford Mustang Car Insurance
Buying a Ford Mustang Car Insurance

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Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices

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