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Buying a Car: Some Good Advice

Pay Attention, but Make Up Your Own Mind in car BuyingIt’s interesting reading some of the other services on an early mornng when you run across five or six supposedly good tips in buying a car, none of which have any real connection to reality.

It’s likely the author of the piece thought that the advice was great but here are some things to think about before we get much further:

* Never sell your car yourself, you’re shooting yourself in the foot, despite what the “experts” tell you
* Don’t worry about your car insurance payments until you’ve chosen your car. The insurance agent isn’t making the monthly payment for you; you have a separate payment for the car insurance itself
* Arrange your financing early — and possibly miss out on savings that a dealer might be able to get you or a program that, if you are a new college grad might gain you a few dollars
* Use the “N” word with the finance or business manager

This is great information if you are brain dead, but here are a few ideas that you won’t hear from the “experts.” The source of this information, by the way, is the author of this piece who has written about cars and trucks for about four decades and who has been selling them actively at various dealerships for the last 10 years or so.

That said, though, let’s look at some of the the “expert” information I was just reading on a competing service. The first piece of advice to the brand-new car buyer (just out of school or in a first job — if it were me I’d be buying preowned for a first car, but that’s another story — I did!!) was to sell your existing trade yourself.

Let’s look at this from a couple of angles: The first is that you’ve taken that vehicle off the table at the dealership. Now, let’s say that it could even have added $1,000 or $3,000 in sweetening to your deal (as a trade-in, so it’s subtracted from the price), it’s something that’s not anywhere in the picture.

Now, if you sell your vehicle yourself, your run into a few small problems. Let’s look at a couple of state’s: MA or MD (Massachusetts or Maryland for those without good zipcode books).

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Buying a Car: Some Good Advice
Buying a Car: Some Good Advice

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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