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Businesses lack necessary insurance policies

The directors of Cowens Survival Capability, a business solutions provider, have asserted that many businesses within the United Kingdom are lacking the proper insurance, a fact they only discover when they attempt to make a claim.

The directors have warned that many businesses are failing unnecessarily, simply due to a lack of proper risk assessment leading to an absence of required insurance.

Stuart Williams, one of the directors, has stated that two in three businesses do not last 2 years after making a claim.

Williams want on to say that timing is crucial, with many businesses going under because claims were not resolved in time for the firm to acquire the money it was entitled to and needed to stay afloat.

Nor is it only business which is going without insurance. Research by Lloyds TSB Added Value Accounts revealed in August that around 10% of British travellers had gone without travel insurance in the past, despite the potentially astronomical costs of a holiday mishap.

It may be that in a bid to tighten belts due to the longest recession on record individuals and firms are seeing insurance as an optional extra, rather than an essential safety net should things go wrong.

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Businesses lack necessary insurance policies
Businesses lack necessary insurance policies

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