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Safe when Used ProperlyBooster cables can be a scary thing for a novice to use. This article tells you what you need to know so that you don’t hurt yourself when faced with needing to use booster cables. Anyone can use them, respectfully, and safely.

For those who are worried about battery explosions, its important to know that while it’s true that some have been injured by battery explosions while the using jumper cables. It is however, rare. Using the booster cables properly will be safe in most instances. To be on the safe side, if you are concerned, wear protective eyewear while using booster cables.

Jumper cables, in their most basic form are two lengths of insulated copper cable with a spring-loaded clamp attached to each end. Most sets of jumper cables are joined together, separated by insulation, but connection is only for convenience. Solitary cables work just as well.

Many manufacturers make their product with one red cable and one black or else one blue and the other yellow to make it wasy to keep track of the ends. Most manufacturer also stamp a “-”or “+” sign into the metal clamps. Cables are simply lengths of conductive material. The most important thing to remember is not top mix the polarity. If you hook the black cable to the positive node on one car’s battery, be sure to place the other end on the positive node of the other battery on the other car. This also applies when attaching the negative nodes. Batteries are marked clearly. Do not assume to know based on vehicle similarities. Pole locations are inconsistent from one vehicle to another.

Never allow the clamps to touch each other once you hcave connected even one end.. You may want to lightly clamp the unused ends to the insulated portion of cable while working with the other end. Alternatively, you can separate them by hand. Regardless of your method, separation is of utmost importance when using booster cables.

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Booster Cables
Booster Cables

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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