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Best Games to Play in the Car

Fun and Simple Road Trip GamesRoad games should be low maintenance, cheap, and easy for everyone to participate in. Sometimes the driver cannot participate, but that’s OK because the driver’s eyes should be on the road. Here are some of the best games to play in the car. These are appropriate for ages 3 and up and many can be adjusted for skill level.

Best Paper and Pencil Games to Play in the car

Paper and pencil games are some of the simplest games to play in the car and minimal supplies are required - just a notebook and pencil.Tic Tac Toe car Game - Pass the paper and pencil back and forth for a car game version of this.Word Search Race car Game - Print out a copy of the same word search for each person ahead of time. Have a timed race to see who can find all the words fastest.Drawing Contests as a car Game - Drawing contests in the car are especially challenging because of the bumpy ride.

Best License Plate Games to Play in the cars

License plate games are a classic during car rides. It can be fun to come up with different variations and see who is up to the challenge.Numbers to 20 - Seeing numbers on license plates sounds easy enough until you start trying to find the double digits.Spell This Word - Each player gets a word from the one who played before him to find all the letters for by looking at license plates. The letters must be found in order.Alphabet Challenge - This car game is like Spell this Word above, but instead all the letters of the alphabet need to be found. This can be done as a team or one person at a time.

Best Puzzle Games to Play in the Auto car

Puzzle games can take a great deal of time to solve, making them perfect for car games. The best puzzle games for road trips are those with minimal pieces, such as those listed below. Rubik’s Cube - All varieties of the classic Rubik’s Cube make great car games because they are are only one piece and can keep a person occupied for hours.Slide Puzzles - Remember those puzzles that required sliding tiles around to create a picture or number pattern? They’re very cheap to come by and usually come in a package of 6 or more.

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Best Games to Play in the Car
Best Games to Play in the Car

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