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Benefits of Disability Insurance Coverage

Short Term Disability Plans

Disability insurance coverage is particularly designed to assist physically challenged individuals who are incapable of paying their medical bills or sustaining their lifestyle. This type of insurance is indeed a blessing to them as it replaces a portion of their income when unable to work. In some states, the law actually requires employers to provide their staff with disability insurance. So to fully understand this insurance, let’s further discuss about the two main types of disability plans.

Short Term Disability Insurance plan

This is often a part of employee package. Short term disability plans substitute or replace income for the early period of a person’s disability. Generally, plans provide disabled people with benefits that range from as small as two weeks or as long as two years. However, there is a waiting period often called as elimination period. This period ranges from the time a person become disabled until the time he/she receives the benefits.

Waiting periods in short term disability places usually takes from 0 to 14 days. If a person has a short term disability plan with a waiting period of 14 days, and a disability he/she has prevents him/her from working for the period of three weeks, benefits will be provided in the third week of disability, not in the first two weeks. These two weeks is the waiting period.

Long Term Disability Insurance plan

Calling this kind of insurance as the most significant insurance plan is often justified by experts. This may be attributed to the advances concerning medical care or because some injuries and diseases are disabling rather than deadly, which means that a person’s incapacitation can last for a longer time.

This insurance is purchased to replace 50-70% of the salary. There are employers who let their employees purchase an extra insurance, raising a total of about 80%. Certain policies have monthly maximum payouts. It lessens the salary percentage the policy owner acquires.

Benefits provided by this insurance replace a person’s income for an extended period. It may be for five years or until the disabled individual reaches the age of 65. Plans that provide owners with longer periods wherein benefits may be received are more expensive. These plans can have varying waiting periods.

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Benefits of Disability Insurance Coverage
Benefits of Disability Insurance Coverage

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Health Insurance Quotes Medicare

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