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Baby Wipes Kleenex Dispenser for Your Car

Sun Visor Tissue DispenserWhether you suffer from allergies, or you just like to have Kleenex in the car for the kids, it can be a real pain to carry them in the car. Unless you purchase tiny travel packs - which feature tiny tissues - there’s never any place to put the huge boxes. It’s always necessary to set the box of tissues in the floor or on the seat - where it’s likely to be slung in the floor every time you have to hit the brakes. Do away with all that hassle, and still have Kleenex right at your fingertips, by making a simple dispenser for the sun visor.

Baby wipes come in a number of different types of containers. No matter what size you buy, though, the hard plastic containers generally feature a pop-up lid with a cover to keep the wipes moist. If you find the types of containers which are long, wide but very thin, you have the perfect dispenser for your car. The travel wipe container, which nearly lies completely flat, is a perfect fit for your sun visor.

After the baby wipes have been used the empty container can be filled with Kleenex for your automobile. Run the empty container through the dishwasher, or wash it by hand, to eliminate the baby wipes smell. Make sure it’s completely dry before adding the tissues. Note: the baby wipes container that you use must be refillable.

Remove the lid from the container and open the top. If the container is refillable this top will come right off. Tissues from a rectangular box, rather than a square box, work best. Open a rectangular box of Kleenex, remove a short stack that will easily fit in the container, then place them inside. Make sure that the folded part of the tissues is facing upwards. Snap the lid back over the tissues, replace the outer lid, then design a holder for the visor.

There are a couple of different ways to attach the tissue dispenser to the sun visor. One is to simply install strips of Velcro on the visor. Fold the visor down, position two strips horizontally, and space them so that they will hold the long sides of the container. It’s best to use adhesive Velcro for this project. If you purchase non-adhesive you’ll have to use glue to affix it. With adhesive Velcro the Velcro can be removed any time you want.

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Baby Wipes Kleenex Dispenser for Your Car
Baby Wipes Kleenex Dispenser for Your Car

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