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Aviva launches bespoke electronic equipment cover. Assurance news and latest UK car insurance events in United Kingdom. What is happening in British car insurance business? UK automotive companies, commercial auto ins quotes and premiums in UK. National car provider FAQ on aviva launches electronic equipment cover and average motorbike insurance rates for women. Get car insurance uk: latest events and insure your luxury car with cheapest assurance price. Personal car full coverage insurance rating in USA and insurance.

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Aviva launches electronic equipment cover

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Are you trying to insure your property for money saving value and obtain the money saving insurance policy from insurers dealer? This is the top property insurance shortcuts about aviva launches electronic equipment cover placed on-line in «CAR INSURANCE UK: LATEST EVENTS» partition of our news feed for not yet insured blog readers.

Home Insurance - Protecting Your Gadgets

Avid gamers and computer enthusiasts spend large amounts of money on the latest consoles and equipment for their stand-alone home computers. This equipment can be extremely valuable, and as such be more attractive to thieves, and with more and more stories of the theft of such equipment being heard, what ...

Aviva is expanding its business offering with the introduction of specialist electronic equipment cover.

Firms across various sectors, including telecommunications, media, health, leisure, motor and construction can benefit from new tailored protection.

Computers are excluded from the policy, however, recording, storing and broadcasting equipment, general office equipment, manufacturing control or monitoring equipment, security systems or medical scanning and diagnostic equipment are included.

Cover can be extended to include full breakdown, use away from the premises and hiring out of equipment.

Other optional features include full theft cover without the need for forcible and violent entry; additional equipment up to 25% of the sums insured; cover for anti-theft devices; incompatibility of software or programs; repair investigation costs; temporary repair and virus checking; costs for destroying viruses and cover for electrical waste and electronic equipment disposal.

Aviva’s senior engineering underwriter, Gary Thom, comments: “With continuous advancements in technology, we have introduced a bespoke electronics product to provide specialist markets with robust insurance cover for complex electronic equipment.”

He adds: “Electronic equipment can be covered under ‘Machinery’ or вЂ?Contents’ sum insured on a standard вЂ?Fire and Perils’ or вЂ?All Risks’ policy but, when it comes to technical products a business could lose out in the event of a claim if it failed to have adequate cover that fully met its requirements.”

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Many unisured drivers may ask: "How can I buy low cost car insurance coverage in San Diego?" or "How can I get free automotive ins plans for convicted?". The answer is simple: read the advice "Aviva launches electronic equipment cover" about car insurance uk: latest events and understand the articles for skilled drivers from the online automobile insurance dealers.

Aviva launches electronic equipment cover
Aviva launches electronic equipment cover

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    Get saving bike insurance cost from local motorbike assurance provider for drivers. Aviva launches electronic equipment cover and short term ins price for car auto insuring im auto insurance news. Liability insurance broker for Aviva launches electronic equipment cover