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Average Car Insurance Quotes May Increase

According to the article “Credit Scoring Is Hurting Customers” found on sacbee.com from The Dallas Morning News, even if you are a responsible driver you may end up paying higher car insurance rates if you have blemishes on your credit file.  Whether or not this is fair is currently a huge debate.

The Dallas Morning News analyzed the insurance industry and found that people with poor credit paid 35% more on home and car insurance.  In certain cases, the insurance rates were more than double people with good credit, even if they had similar claim history.  This just goes to show how crucial it is to stay on top of your credit score.

Auto insurance companies believe that using credit as a risk factor helps to identify higher risk customers.  They cite The University of Texas research that shows drivers with lower credit ratings file more claims with their insurers.  They say that if it weren’t for the credit rating factor everyone would pay higher rates.  Credit scoring is no where near an exact science and can often hurt good customers.

As you are shopping around for car insurance quotes try to identify if your credit may be affecting your premiums.

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Average Car Insurance Quotes May Increase
Average Car Insurance Quotes May Increase

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Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

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