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Ford Fusion Hybrid

New 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Some might not consider the Ford Fusion Hybrid a performance car, but I do. Unlike high-powered performance cars, the Fusion Hybrid’s performance isn’t based on speed or horsepower, but rather on fuel economy. Around our roughly 15-mile driving loop I worked hard to maximize the Fusion’s fuel economy. careful throttle applications to avoid using the gas engine, avoiding stops, carrying as much speed as possible through the corners, and stretching out the time spent coasting require concentration and skills that are entirely different from driving quickly, but almost as entertaining. Making the endeavor even more fun was the Fusion’s video-game-like display that monitors the interplay of the electric motor and the gas engine. According to the trip computer, my one lap of the loop yielded 42.4 miles per gallon. Can any of the C/D crew beat my number with the Fusion? Tomorrow I’ll be working on getting the best fuel economy out of the new Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight and we’ll see how they stack up to the very impressive Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Our 10Best winners will be announced in our January 2010 issue. Please check for it on newsstands on December 5.

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Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford Fusion Hybrid

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Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices

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