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Dodge Rampage Insurance Rate

For The One Who Needs Functions of Both Truck and Comfort Movement Rampage means fury and disorderly conduct which impossibly underlines the character of the car.

General introduction

Today Americans utilize pickups as the cars for active rest more frequently, rather than just as a vehicle for transportation of luggage. Therefore something very comfortable and capacious enough is needed.

In general, new concept car is designed for 5 people; it is a front-drive truck-pickup with unusually extended booth and freight platform 1,524 m long. The special feature of it is that absolutely new technology Stow ‘n Go is applied not only for back arm-chairs but for the front passenger seat.


Designers try to remake traditional proportions of the car trying to improve the salon for more comfortable ride of passengers, and on the other hand they had to leave more place for opened luggage separation which was the other demand. Traditional radiator grate inherited from the other models of Dodge makes a great impression at first sight. Specially designed headlights are executed in a new shape and closed with transparent glasses. The powerful wheeled arches are barely complemented with enormous 22-inch wheels, and back lateral three-cornered windows - all of these details remind well-knows Dodge.

Engineers thought of maximally comfortable access to the salon: when any of the doors is opened, a threshold on a hinge moves downward, transforming into a comfortable step. Thus front doors are opened as usual and back ones slide back.


This novelty combines both width of Dodge Ram and length of Dodge Dakota, complete drive and unique independent back pendant which make it unique and so desirable.

Under the hood of this car there is 5,7-liter engine HEMI by power of 345 rpm. There is also five-step automatic transmission.


Certainly the steering gear is lath, and brakes are disk «on a circle». Overlays Goodyear 305/50R based on 22-inch light-alloy wheels and significant traveling road clearance are on a very high level.


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Commercial Car Auto Collision Comparison

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Dodge Rampage Insurance Rate
Dodge Rampage Insurance Rate

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Dodge Car Premium Rates for Motor

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