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Automobile Dealers Are Singing a Different Tune

In the backdrop of the debacle of the automobile industry, following the payout of $350 billion of the taxpayers money to keep them from bankruptcy, the fallout has trickled down the line fast. Corporate executives look like the only winners in this situation till now. There is a fear amongst the workers in the manufacturering line that they may loose their jobs due to downsizing and reorganization. Automobile dealers all over the country have also stopped, waiting to find out when they will get the reimbursement for offering rebates on promotions by the makers of automobiles. In fact the dealers have been compressed, between the common rock and a hard place.

You will find automobile dealers coming up with the biggest clearance sale, big discounts, low interest rates and down payments one has ever seen. There are some dealers who have closed shop, unable to ride out the dwindling economy. Most consumers are also putting a stop on their spending and reports show that latent buyers are not willing to buy vehicles from auto makers who may gat bankrupt with time.

It is a fact that the auto dealers who have been able to manage till now, have large 2008 model inventories which may soon become a burden for them, when they have to pay tax on the inventory in March. They have more than enough reason to sell of the vehicles, fast.

Only some time back trucks and auto ads on TV were not giving too many reasons for normal people to purchase cars and there was just a small discount on the price. The ads talked mostly about the virtues of the design, gadgets and GPS etc which you could get for over $20,000. Most ads have typical fine print disclaimers which would be impossible to read even with your reading glasses easily. What caught the eye was the O.A.C. or on approved credit. With the worsening of the bank credit situation, most people are aware that they could not get a loan unless they had a good credit score.

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Automobile Dealers Are Singing a Different Tune
Automobile Dealers Are Singing a Different Tune

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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