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Auto Insurance Rates Need to be Affordable

California has a low-cost auto insurance program which offers lower auto insurance rates, according to the article “Requiring Auto Insurance Requires That It’s Also Affordable” by Peter Luke on  The program covers basic auto insurance for less than $400 a year.  Drivers must be 19 and have a relatively clean driving record.  There is also an income requirement of less than $27,000 for a single person or $55,000 for a family of 4.

The article points out that one of the main arguments over the health care debate is that if there is going to be a mandate on health insurance then premiums must be made affordable.  The same concept should be applied to auto insurance since it is required in most states.  The policies need to be readily available for everyone, fairly administered and with reasonable auto insurance rates.

There is also much debate over how auto insurance companies determine their rates, especially in Michigan where previous posts discuss how they are debating the use of the credit score.  Many believe not only should credit score be excluded from auto insurance companies’ formulas, but also income, gender, zip code, marital status, and bankruptcy.  Some states are considering excluding employment status, which is important for today’s high unemployment rate.

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Auto Insurance Rates Need to be Affordable
Auto Insurance Rates Need to be Affordable

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