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Auto Insurance Rates and Teen Drivers

As to be expected, auto insurance rates are very high for teenage drivers because they are riskier since they are new and in the learning process of driving.  The article “A Crash Course On Auto Insurance” by Diane Giles on points out that adding a teen to an auto insurance policy can double the yearly premium.

Director of Insurance for the Consumer Federation of America, Robert Hunter, says that data on teen deaths and accidents is very bad.  It’s especially bad for young, male drivers and that is directly related to their auto insurance rates.  Auto insurance companies use this data to determine who is most likely to file a claim.  car crashes are the number one cause of death among teens in the US.  A driver age 16-19 is 4 times more likely to have a fatal car crash compared to a driver age 25-69.  That is astonishing and extremely concerning.

Experts agree that it is crucial for parents to get involved and educate their kids on driving safely.  Not only drugs and alcohol are distracting kids.  It’s also talking on the phone, texting, and loud and rambunctious passengers.  By having your teen contribute to their auto insurance bill it can encourage them to drive safely.  They need to understand the direct correlation between a clean driving record and the cost of auto insurance.

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Auto Insurance Rates and Teen Drivers
Auto Insurance Rates and Teen Drivers

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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

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