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Ford F-series Super Duty

2011 Ford Super Duty

Ford’s super brute gets super-er.

Less than two years after it completely revamped its popular F-150 pickup, Ford will introduce the freshened 2011 F-Series Super Duty, which features two new, more powerful engines and an even more brazen look than before.

There are plenty of changes to talk about here, and the visual ones can probably be seen from space. On regular-Joe versions - versus the more work horse-y Joe-the-Plumber versions - pretty much the entire front end is chrome. (Grilles of harder-working models will be either black or body color.) The Ford oval is 13 inches across. The surface area of the headlights can be measured not in inches, but square feet. We’re not sure what the coefficient of drag is, but we’d put it somewhere between a mobile home and a parasail.

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Ford F-series Super Duty
Ford F-series Super Duty

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Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices

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