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Chrysler’s Future: Ram Brand Automobile

dodgelogoWe know Chrysler is spinning off its Ram trucks into a dedicated brand, but what will it look like? After a long preamble about what the Ram brand stands for (rugged, courageous, humble, ready), newly minted CEO Fred Diaz (rugged, courageous, humble, ready) walked us through it. Think Ram, only Rammier:

- The foundation of the brand encompasses refinement, technology, well-crafted interiors, Cummins turbo-diesels, and significant towing and hauling capability.

- Models include: 1500, 2500, and 3500 pickups, as well as redesigned 3500, 4500, and 5500 chassis-cab trucks. The lineup also will expand to encompass a new mid-size truck to replace the Dakota, a large commercial van, and a small commercial van. Diaz even mentioned that Ram is evaluating getting into the 18-wheeled, commercial-truck market.

- The vision: a unique brand identity as distinct from Dodge; a focus on truck customers; product leadership; an expanded portfolio; and a larger market share with more sales.

Ram’s truck-focused marketing and product planning is part of a larger industry trend. In growing recognition that full-size trucks are moving back to niche/utility status, Chrysler is working to make its trucks more real and authentic for actual truck users, not just urban cowboys.

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Chrysler’s Future: Ram Brand Automobile
Chrysler’s Future: Ram Brand Automobile

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Dodge Car Premium Rates for Motor

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