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Have you ever wondered what the real value of auto insurance discounts can be on your automobile insurance, or how choosing higher auto insurance deductibles can save you money? Choose the right auto insurance deductible and ask about auto insurance discount. Auto insurance deductibles in the United States of America and best auto insurance discounts in NYC. Industry guidelines on auto deductibles and discounts for teens from repair insurers. Auto Insurance Deductibles
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How to be insured? Auto insurance deductibles and best auto insurance discounts

Auto Deductibles and Discounts and Auto Insurance Deductibles

Have you ever wondered what the real value of auto insurance discounts can be on your car insurance, or how choosing higher auto insurance deductibles can save you money? You might be surprised how much you could save by choosing the right auto deductibles or by asking about auto discounts you may be eligible to get.

Understand auto insurance deductibles matter

An auto insurance deductible is the portion of an auto insurance claim you agree to pay. Your automobile company picks up the rest. By agreeing to take on more financial responsibility in the event of a claim, the auto insurance company will adjust your car premiums accordingly. In other words, the higher the auto insurance deductibles you choose, the lower your policy rate. How much lower? Well it depends on the insurer and how much your rate is already, but based on the lowest quote in our scenario around $50 was knocked off the rate when the auto insurance deductible was changed from $500 to $1,000.

Auto insurance discounts: anti-theft alarms discount.

If you’ve already taken measures to ensure your car is less likely to be stolen, then you might be interested to know that some automobile companies offer an “Anti-theft auto insurance discount” when certain anti-theft devices are installed. In our scenario, by having an anti-theft device an additional $10 was saved on the lowest annual auto insurance rate quoted.

Best auto insurance discounts: winter tires discount.

Do you install snow tires before the winter season begins each year? Some companies offer a discount when all four of tires are changed seasonally so that in the winter the vehicle is equipped with tires designed specifically for driving in the cold and snow. By changing the tires seasonally, another $75 was saved.

Top auto insurance discounts: multi-line discount.

Whether you own your home, condo or rent, you should have some sort of property coverage. If you get your property insurance from the same insurer as your auto insurance deductibles you will likely qualify you for a discount called the “Multi-line Discount”. In our scenario, combining our home and auto insurance coverage knocked another $160 off the lowest car ins quote.

Best auto insurance discounts: low mileage discount.

If you have a car but limit how often you drive it by taking public transit or carpooling then ask your insurer if they have a low mileage discount. The fewer kilometers you put on your car, the more likely you are to get a cheaper rate. In our scenario, we originally indicated the driver drove 40,000 kilometers a year of which 100 were to get to and from work (not unreasonable since this is about the distance from Toronto to Oakville, Toronto to Pickering, Calgary to Airdrie, or Montreal to Beloeil). Given the price of gas and parking, many drivers alternate between driving to work and taking the train or carpooling, effectively reducing the commute mileage put on the car by half. If your current automobile policy is set up in such a way that it assumes you commute every day without consideration for the times you take the train or carpool, talk to your insurer because in our scenario we knocked off another $30 off the policy rate quoted.

Savings with right auto insurance deductibles

All in, the options chosen in the scenario and the available auto insurance discounts translated into a potential savings of $330 off of an auto insurance quote that was already competitively priced. Of course, this is just an example, and the savings will vary by insurer, but the fact remains: there are savings to be had. Don’t hesitate to talk to your insurer and ask about discounts for your premiums. Other popular auto insurance discounts include the:

Age discount: a discount on your auto insurance as you pass certain age milestones. If available, the qualifying age differs from insurer to insurer.

Internet discount: sometimes available from insurers who offer car insurance quotes online.

Occupational discount: offered if you work in a certain field or hold a certain degree.

Group discount: some ins companies offer a group’ discount if you belong to certain employer groups, trade unions, or alumni and professional associations.

Auto club discount: available if you are a member of an auto club, like CAA.

While the availability of discounts varies by insurer, where you live and whether you meet the eligibility requirements, asking about them about best auto insurance discounts could save you a significant amount of money.

"How to find budget car insurance deals?"

Some new drivers sometimes ask: "How to find free automobile ins deals in Boston?" or "Can I find online auto insurance policy for convicted driver?". The answer is simple: read the topic "Auto Deductibles and Discounts" about best auto insurance discounts and learn the threads from the direct car insurer's company.

Auto Deductibles and Discounts
Auto Deductibles and Discounts
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