Audi Offers $1000 Extra Cash: Lowest Taxis Protection and Audi Auto Insurance for Audi Mobile

Audi Auto Insurance for Audi Mobile
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Audi Offers $1000 Extra Cash


Through August 31, buyers trading in a beat-up clunker for a new Audi can receive an extra $1000 alongside the federal rebates of $3500 to $4500. And no, before you ask, you can’t have $1000 off a new R8.

Only some Audi models are eligible for the CARS rebate scheme. Those that are include the A3, A4, and TT when powered by the company’s 2.0-liter turbo engine, and the Q5 crossover (and keep in mind the $45K MSRP cap for Cash for Clunker rebate eligibility). Buyers can also take advantage of special low-rate, 60-month leases when trading a vehicle under CARS.

The offer isn’t quite as generous as Chrysler’s offer to “Double Your Ca$h”, but it should help attract buyers to Audi dealerships. Although the CARS program brought many more car buyers to Audi dealers, the company didn’t sell as many cars as it hoped in July due to inventory shortages.

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Audi Offers $1000 Extra Cash
Audi Offers $1000 Extra Cash

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Audi Auto Insurance for Audi Mobile-60
Audi Auto Insurance for Audi Mobile

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